Sunday, April 6, 2014

Extraction Units

Brief Introduction of the Proposal
       Schedule of today’s world, there is a warm welcome for Extract Herbal Products, Chemical Products International market. We have our own plant for Extraction Units. Due to huge market demand. We do budgetary Manufacturing Plant project.

We offer our service as follows
A) Technical knowhow cooperation
B) Raw Material Sourcing & Handing Instructions, Chemical processing License as per International Norms.
C) Process Machinery (Manufacturing & Storage)
D) Production Process Method, plant setting of machinery & production start up.
E) Process flow chart, Machinery Chart & Complete Engineering setups
F) Quality control Lab setup with sophistcated testing equipments and Q.C procedure manual for testing of RM & Finish Product.
Dairy Products,
Management Objects: 
     The plant will be established by Investment Partner. Investment partner will responsible for Place, Building, Electricity and Finance. 
Government Roles, Complete Machinery, Planning of Building, Erection, Setting of Plant, Technical Process Development, Raw Material sources, Technical Man power for Production, End Product packing and Marketing will be the responsible by Technical & Marketing Partner II.