Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Schedule of today’s world, there is a warm welcome for Water proofing Chemicals in India & International market, especially for Construction & Water Proofing application. Bitumen and its associated compounds plays vital role in Modern construction world. It raises huge market demand, we were providing Technical know how and undertake turnkey project for installation and expansion of Bituminous products Manufacturing Plant/Unit.

Specializing in the manufacture and supply of bitumen and value added products based in India.

1] Anti corrosive black   bituminous primer   D-41

2] Damp proof coating solvent based

3] Fiber extended bitumen coating

4] Aluminum blended bitumen paint –uv resistance

5] Cold applied   latex modified bitumen adhesive/coating-water based

6] Anti corrosive under body coat for chassis body vehicles

10/20 road construction

30/40 road construction

60/70 industrial application

 85/25 battery cell mfg use

90/15 industrial application

90/25 oil grade industrial use

115/15 ink mfg/ Tyre mfg/industrial uses

 The company Board & Management has a good team with long experience in Bitumen Process Technology.